Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pirate assembly

Last Friday  Potter class entertained the school and their parents with their pirate assembly and they were able to show how much they have learnt over the past few weeks.

"It was lots of fun doing the assembly and I liked being in the pirate fashion show best. We had designed and made hats for this show. My two designs were a rabbit and cross bones and a bear and cross bones. I only put one on my hat.

We had a ship called The Golden Chicken and we were all pirates. We told everyone what pirates were like and my favourite word was loblollies! It was fun being in this assembly!"

In join me learn we wrote instructions on how to make pirate hat. Our parents could help us but we had to do the writing. The parents were good learners!"

By E in Potter class

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  1. I have only just discovered the blog. Yes it was a great assembly. Well done, I look forward to your next one.