Friday, 21 October 2011

Being a house captain

At Christ Church we have four houses. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are three captains for each house and they are elected by their peers. Four of the house captains have written a few words, about what they did to get elected and how they felt when they found out they had won.

I tried to make my presentation funny and firm. I liked standing up in front of people and  I was loud but not too loud! I said, if they are upset I will be there for them and I am very tolerant. If they are unhappy come and talk to me I will sort it out.

I was overwhelmed when I won and amazed. I was against ten others and I hoped if I stayed confident I would get through and I did.
by Abigail (Luke)

I did a power point about how I could help everyone and represent the school. It was nerve-wracking because of the people watching. You were not allowed to watch the vote and had to wait all day to find out (in the afternoon assembly). I thought it went well and I was really, really pleased. It was tough because there were so many people going for. I was really, really happy because I really wanted it and can not wait to do it now.
 by Maisie (Mark)

I tried to be comical but serious as well and tell what I was going to do and why they should vote me. So I did a page that was funny and a page that was serious. I included things I liked and things I don’t like. I did pictures because they would have more impact. I felt very, very happy to win and that the pressure was over because we had to wait until after lunchtime to find out the result. I was thinking I hope I get it, I hope I get and then I was relieved. I wanted it because I want to help John house to win everything even netball.
by Dylan (John)

I am extremely pleased to be the house captain of Matthew in 2012. I feel happy with myself. In my presentation I included the things I would do to improve Matthew house, how I would help everyone and make sure everyone was happy. I decided to have a mascot and came up with Mattie Bear and he will come to house events (sports day) and family forum.

I am still amazed at being the house captain and shall try to help in everything I can. I feel proud to wear my green house captain badge and hope to be a successful house captain.
by Natalie (Matthew)


  1. all the house captains are
    dylan congrats to all house captains !

  2. So pleased to see such super house captains. Well done all of you, especially Luke house captains, ok all of you.